June 3

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I've been dying on this, overworking over and over, again and again. It's kinda ironic as I define myself as a "first touch" person.
I usually never "rework" my drawings, but here, it has been about the colors, the layout, the text and so… Asking my friends for review and proof-read, opinions, etc… I couldn't make up my mind and decide it was "ready".

Maybe because it's political, maybe because it's a kind of report, maybe this or that…

Anyway, no French version YET, and still likely to be modified. Stay in touch, roger, roger.

comments and critics are welcome, that goes without saying.

btw, I had the change to discuss later with some of the performers, who explained to me many aspect of their performance. I did not inclued those explanations here YET, it will probably be another post. My present drawing/report puts you in the situation I was, as a "naive" witness. Deal with it, that's the point ­čśë

EDIT: some grammar mistakes corrected thanks to the help of Treblig and Mickey Joe. Thanks a lot for your help guys ­čÖé


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6 responses to “June 3

  1. anonymous

    senselessart writes:Nice work P! Like the layout – the narrative is strong.

  2. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    comments and critics are welcome, that goes without saying.

    Ok, because I'm afraid I noticed a few typos in the text.stucked should just be stuck.lift and hold > lifts and holds or lifted and heldstriked > struckemphasizing > I think you meant empathisingbreathes > breaths (A man lets out breaths as he breathes) Though that is a tricky one. Hope you don't mind me pointing these out ­čś«

  3. pfelelep

    noooooooo, the opposite actually.thank you so much, for taking time to correct me ­čÖé

  4. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Glad to be of help ­čÖé Being raised by a "grammar nazi" has its uses. ;):doh: and I should add I really liked this piece. The text and illustrations work well together.

  5. pfelelep

    my mom raised me the same way :)thank you, for helping me on the english version. This "team-working" art-piece gets a real new value now.

  6. Liu

    J'adore ce concept du drawing-report :p

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