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3 oil pastels studies




A3 size, oil pastels on paper studies.
I am still a bit shy with oil pastels, it took me some time to get into it, but I think I start to get a glimpse of the possibilities, compared to classic oil painting.
…not to mention it requiere less preparation to use. ^^


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the sleeper


(Mostly) oil painting on canvas. About 100x70cms.

After the realistic-ish last painting, I am exploring a new direction, thanks to my model which is always inspiring me.
I did several studies of her with oil pastels I might post here later. Yet, here is where i am now. ­čÖé


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A Cultural Treasure in Danger

reblogged from Scultore’s blog. This looks horribly familiar with hongkong. :/

Scultore's Blog

Minerva Durham, the director and mother of Spring Studio, where I have been drawing for many years, has announced that it will be closing as of December 15, while the search for a new home continues. Spring Studio has been a haven for all types of creators over the years, from professional artists to people that have never drawn before, models that range from 18 to 85, from 80 pounds to well over 300, not to mention many musicians, actors, dancers etc. Three sessions a day, seven days a week all year. Personally it has been a lifeline and an endless source of inspiration and art. I started modelling there myself this year, to the warm reception of the artist there. It has been the rock of figure drawing in New York since 1994 and everyone is welcome and encouraged. Minerva is searching for new space that is sustainableÔÇŽ

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Ink lines

saffron feutre

Saffron, life drawing, 15 minutes pose. Ink Pen on A4 paper.


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