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This is a great single page of wordless sequential storytelling.

(Heavy Metal Issue #230, May 2007 – Page 59 Vampire Dreams by Wenzl and Rother)

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Clay sculpture for beginners

July Thursday sculpture courses

I will be teaching a few clay sculpture workshops for beginner level on Thursdays, July 16th and 23rd. See poster for details and registrations.
This course is intended to understand the human body in 3D, and is a very good complement for 2D-related painting and drawing practice.


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crime scene


Crime scene Ink on newsprint Philippe Charmes 2020 (actually, I spilled my ink bottle in the middle of the process, and had to use the very paper to soak it up) -_- #art #ink #encre #philippecharmes #dessin #drawing #scmp #model #dessin


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