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The art of copying

excellent article from Gurney Journey’s blog about the ART OF COPYING:

Blog reader Bob Walsh asked what I thought of the business of art copying:

(…)Copying a master’s work was and still is one of the best ways to learn. (…)

Many art students do copies at the same size of the original, matching it as closely as they can(…)

Many academic artists made replica copies of their own works and didn’t consider anything wrong with having multiple originals(…)

From a philosophical perspective, all images are real in a way and unreal in a way, too— and all copies are varying degrees of “faithful,” “mechanical,” “genuine,” whether they’re made by humans or machines, or some combination(…)

From the customer’s point of view, as long as you know what you’re buying, I suppose no one is hurt by copies. As long as some people merely want a hand-painted image to hang on their walls and they don’t really care about who painted it, a market will rise to meet that demand, just as there has always been a market for reproduction antiques(…)

please read the entire article, it gives me a brand new though about the concept of “copy” (especially considering what becomes today of your artwork once it’s on the INTERNET.


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hidden message

Carl Samson, triumph of truth

Carl Samson, The Triumph of Truth.
(source: nudiarist)(NSFW)

Very clear hidden message, in fact ^^

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