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Happened and still happening in hongkong

(photo by John Crowford)

Protesters have stormed inside the legislative council, and now, despite Carrie Lam said the extraction law is “dead but not withdrawned”, people here for her remission and abandon the protesters being prosecuted.

…to be continued.


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Souvenir de SOTHERBY

“Reclining nude” copy from Picasso, 1 year before his death.

Original sold for 8363538482528595.33US$

Copy sold for 1 half bottle of tsing Tao (still chilled).

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portrait of L. with red hands


Ling, with red hands.

Pencil and watercolor on paper.

Philippe Charmes 2018.

…first of 2018!

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My latest performance “Catch your breath” pictures and videos on my website:

It’s SFW, for once ^^

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Live and direct

Him vs them.

Ink and watercolour on paper

Philippe Charmes 2017

That was a speed painting, but I really like to draw the people surrounding the model.

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ready for exhibition


I think I have finally finshed my painting.
Now all I have to do is pack it up carefully until the Wednesday’s opening.

For those who are around and wanna join, here are the details
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
7A Kennedy Road, Central, HK
you can take bus nos. 3B, 12, 12A, 23, 23B, 40, 103 and mini-bus nos. 1A, 9, 28. Or you can take a walk to the Centre through the Hong Kong Park by following the directional signs in the Park.

expo barbarian 2015


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reblogged from chillin jam fillin.

“People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable.”

– Our Bodies, Ourselves.

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