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Happened and still happening in hongkong

(photo by John Crowford)

Protesters have stormed inside the legislative council, and now, despite Carrie Lam said the extraction law is “dead but not withdrawned”, people here for her remission and abandon the protesters being prosecuted.

…to be continued.


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Hong Kong rises

Bleed hand and foot © Philippe Charmes

Bleed hand and foot
© Philippe Charmes

It’s happening right here and right now, from Occupy Central now the students protest went to a new level as many protesters joined the gathering and the police went another level of violence, trying to confine them.
Tear gas, shotgun with rubber bullet, fences, more fences, more policemen, more protesters. I have the feeling it’s NOT going to stop with sunset this time.

You can review the whole story there, and follow the live report over there.
BBC news
south china morning post

For those of you who want updated in English follow ‪#‎hk926‬ on twitter

Stay tuned, and hope the be…. the less worse.

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