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Still life

Back to the archives, acrylic on canvas pad.

Trust me you don’t want to know the story behind this one.


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2 old drawings

I am afraid I don’t remember the WHO and WHEN of those 2 drawings, there are archives of my hundreds old dusty drawing books.

Therefore it is as always… the artwork survived the very memory of the artist?

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out of time and space


this one just appeared from Limbos!
2006, I guess?


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Boat sketch

School boat (from… Scandinavia?) at the maritime museum.

Ink on kraft paper.

Philippe Charmes 2016

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Memory from the past


Diggin’ from old sketchbooks, some drawings brings more memories than a black and white picture.
This one is from 2012 I believe, a quick study of the woman of my life.

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please note the making pun effect XD

Also note the AC/DC poster cover the Led Zeppelin one ^^

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