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copying Georg Grosz


Copy and inspired drawings of and by Georg Grosz.
Pencil and watercolor on Paper.
Philippe Charmes 2018

Grosz is a real genius who left Germany when Hitler rises to power and lived and taught in the US.
I just started to study his works and philosophy, I am in awe.
In terms of copy and inspiration, though, I am just an imp.

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Late M.

3 studies of M. Who was horribly late, as usual.

He is great friend and model, but, gosh, he is sooo reliably-late every time -_-‘

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May 12, 2017 · 4:44 am


4 studies of an handsome englishman.

Ink and watercolor on paper.

Philippe Charmes 2017

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Still life

Study of a dead mouse freshly put to sleep by my cat.

I want to believe that now the mouse has become immortal.

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