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Pencil and watercolor on paper.

Philippe Charmes 2018

Search for “Life drawing hongkong” on facebook to find my figure drawing workshop on wanchai. 🙂


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Our new model, “Dog”, at the wanchai’s life drawing, yesterday, in Hong Kong

Ink and watercolor on paper, as usual.

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Life drawing in Hong Kong

banniere ACOI

Did I mention enough that I am teaching at the ACO life drawing workshop in Hong Kong, every Tuesday evening, since 2011? And every artist, beginner and veteran are welcome to join. Just send me an email at lifedrawinghongkong@gmail.com, or comment this post.

Pretty much all the nude drawing on this blog has been created in this wonderful place 🙂





DavidThanks to the wonderful models I had the privilege to work with, please spread the word to the whole Hong Kong!


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