one line draw


Ok, maybe not exactly ONE line only, but you got the idea.
My ol’ friend Corinne challenged me to draw with a unique line, and here are my tentaives.
Using an ol’ fashioned quill and oxblood ink (gift of my friend Mehrdad), here are some slow-mo poses from another ol’ friend, the model Mei Tung.

Ink on paper.

Philippe Charmes 2020


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2 responses to “one line draw

  1. Corinne LAUNAY

    Un dessin de nus dénudé, sans autres arabesques qu’une seule et unique ligne, c’est pur, c’est propre et ça laisse aller l’imagination encore plus loin ! 😉 Bravo Pfe ! Challenge hautement relevé !!! 😎👏

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