Kathy and Fung





3 drawings of yesterday’s life drawing, pencil on A4 paper.
As usual, drawing 2 models turns quite complicated composition, but HEY! As I am always saying to my students: we don’t learn anything by staying in the easy comfort zone.
My models seems to have enjoyed the challenge (red wine and desserts probably helped a bit). I hope we all got inspired.
Sorry for the crappy pictures. One day I will use a decent scanner, I promise ­čÖé


Filed under art, dessin, DRAWING, hong kong, illustration, life drawing, model, nude, painting, pfelelep, sketch

8 responses to “Kathy and Fung

  1. The last image would be a good start to a painting. Raft of the Medusa 2?

  2. keep at it. i see a lot of improvement in your draftsmanship. i mean drawing ability. keep it free man

  3. pam

    I really like the minimalism of the first one but also like the pose of the second one.

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