ready for exhibition


I think I have finally finshed my painting.
Now all I have to do is pack it up carefully until the Wednesday’s opening.

For those who are around and wanna join, here are the details
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
7A Kennedy Road, Central, HK
you can take bus nos. 3B, 12, 12A, 23, 23B, 40, 103 and mini-bus nos. 1A, 9, 28. Or you can take a walk to the Centre through the Hong Kong Park by following the directional signs in the Park.

expo barbarian 2015


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5 responses to “ready for exhibition

  1. Good work! It feels very natural and authentic, with realistic colors and the unembellished background. I hope you do well in the exhibition.

  2. Hi Felix. Glad you liked my life drawing post. I really like your nude. It reminds me of one pose we had recently. I think it is actually a brave pose by the model, but when you think about it, it is just a natural position and one to be celebrated. And nice to see such a nice painting of a model who doesn’t fit the ‘normal’ sense of ‘beauty’. Well done, and good luck!

  3. thank you very much. I did had a lot of discussion with my model friend about the pose and how she feels (being in hongkong, a traditionnal culture), and she told me her mind “evolved” a lot, during the 10 month work on this painting.
    And by the end, during the exhibition, she felt very proud. ­čÖé

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