Don’t stop laughting

don't stop

(seems that many people draw cartoons with the similar idea, that’s good.)

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One response to “Don’t stop laughting

  1. Yes, yes it is. You know, there’s a Romanian movie called “Actorul și sălbaticii” (“L’acteur et les sauvages”), about an actor and comedian from the interwar period who opposes the raise of fascism in Romania until he ends up killed for it. And that’s the gist of his final monologue: don’t stop laughing.

    The kicker? Constantin Tănase existed, and even though in real life he didn’t die dramatically on stage, the historical events weren’t *that* different from the movie. Or, for that matter, from the whole Charlie Hebdo saga.

    All those people who fought and died in WW2 would be damn angry with the world right now…

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