Why I won’t be using an IPAD for sketching.

Despite its unique technological features (a one-in-all tool marvel), despite it allows you to do pretty much everything with a few finger touches, I feel it “em-prison” me into an IPAD bubble: in which I can’t do anything outside its own apps. It prisons me to work and think in “their” chosen digital ways.

It whispers to my ears that I am free and capable to do everything without limits, so I don’t have to make any more choice as choice involves that I have to give up one option, instead they convince me that with their product “I can do everything without having to choose”.

I think it’s a mistake, and I think choices are inherent parts of artworks. I believe it’s not a good option to be able to do EVERYTHING/ANYTHING provided I use a dedicated brand.

I feel like a commercial brand is advertising me with their own view of life.

I don’t use an IPAD because I want to stay free and independent with my work.

Because I want to be able to share and give it (or keep it) by doing my own choices, with my own tools.

Tools that are made of wood and graphite or pigments. Tools that I actually understand.

It furthers me to hold a sketchbook and turn a paper page, to grab a pencil knowing that I won’t be able to sharpen it today, nor erase any stroke.

The magic comes from my finger using/interacting with a piece of matter, not a piece of technology designed by a company.

I don’t want to advertise for a company, I don’t want to promote them, or them, promoting me.

I want to give the choice to anyone to do the same, or hopefully even better than me, just by grabbing paper and pen.

Because I use paper and pen, same tools as anyone. Something that cost nothing. Something that anybody can get and use.

The magic comes from our hands, there’s no intermediate.

Technically speaking, using a tablet makes me loose the feeling of touching/scratching the paper, the feeling of the ink being drank by the paper, actively changing from one state to another, on an even atomic level (a forever color stroke on white paper). The sound of the scratch, the feeling of a quill ripping the surface.

I want to create an original work, with its own mistakes that won’t be erased, or “canceled” by going back in a software history, creating an original artwork like there’s no other in the world.

It’s creating and working on something that I am not eager to share immediately on facebook or else by pressing a digital integrated button, creating something hat I first keep private, taking some time to re-think or share only with people that are physically around.

It’s inspiring other people (audience, friends or subject) that they can do the same, yet they only need paper and pencils (basic/classic material), not a tech item, IPAD, not a brand.

It’s giving the message that drawing is a matter of passion and little bit of talent, not a matter of tool or brand.

It’s not advertising for a brand.

It’s using your imagination and creativity, having almost nothing, yet turning everything as a drawing tool.


Finally, because you can’t do this, with a digital media: (taken from Lewis Trondheim blog “les petits riens”

trondheim coucher de soleil


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