Freedom From Shaming Each Other and Ourselves!

1000000 times worth reading/sharing/meditating article:

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picture by Jade Beall of the incredible mother/dancer/breastfeeding advocate/blogger Ms Wright’s Way.

All photographs by Jade Beall of  Ms Wright’s Way.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I signed up to go study abroad through the Rotary Club for my junior year in Argentina.  I went to all the meetings, paid all my fees by babysitting and was ecstatic for the trip and beyond ready to go!  A stack of guide books lived next to my bed which I would hungrily study every night, Argentina saturated my dreams.  But then a week before I was to depart, the Rotary Club called my dad to tell him they regretted to inform him that they thought I was too flirtatious and too “risky” to send to Argentina under their agency.  I heard those words as “you are a slut and we don’t wan’t you” (… continue reading)

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June 16, 2014 · 6:44 am

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