This is NOT prOn

Before the end of myopera and the termination/clearance/move of this blog, an abstract hardcore pinup. Pink.

Creative Commons License

if you can’t see it, you are not thinking enough about sex.:whistle:


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4 responses to “This is NOT prOn

  1. pfelelep

    don't ask me for help. You KNOW how to find a solution.

  2. claudeb

    It's less abstract than your usual work. I like that! :up:

  3. PainterWoman

    You should put it on some postcards and send it through the mail. Just joking. Sort of. I wish I'd kept this one invitation I received to an art opening of some very sexually graphic, slightly abstract paintings. The artist used tar, sand and house paint! I was surprised it had gone through the mail as a postcard with no envelope covering. But then the mail handlers probably are too busy shuffling mail and getting it to a designated destination to look closely at a postcard. Have you decided where you are going to go after Opera? Even though I haven't been active, I still came here once in a while to see what everyone was doing. Never had the time to post.

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