yuang siu and cocteau

I just met and draw a new model from life drawing, very inspiring indeed ; meanwhile a good friend of mine told me again my style really looks like Jean Cocteau's. And it's not the first time someone tell me this. It makes me very happy, and I'm starting to believe it.
A few weeks earlier I visited the Cocteau exhibition in Hong Kong's City Hall. That was just awesomely beautiful. Aaaand I finally saw the beautiful erotic gay drawings of his that I was studying for so long in books. I was so happy to draw them by myself there.

first seated drawing by Pfelelep
Creative Commons License
2 others drawings by Pfelelep, from Cocteau.

Please click on read more for more "erotics" drawings from Cocteau. …

drawings by Pfelelep, from Jean Cocteau
Creative Commons License


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3 responses to “yuang siu and cocteau

  1. sanshan

    It's very true! Although I never knew that Cocteau drew. (had to Google it!)

  2. anonymous

    I_ArtMan writes:great work

  3. pfelelep

    @san: his drawings are my favorite works of his. And there are many. He also draw and paint on the wall of a whole mansion, and made a short movie to introduce his work, but I dunno how to fond this video…@artman: thanks a lot 🙂

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