from the other side of the mirror

This time I have been invited to model with a partner for an open-area life drawing session by a friend of mine.
That was not only extremely challenging, but, when looking to the picture and drawings from our performance, very rewarding.
Personally, this is somehow my very preferred moment: after modeling, looking at artist's view of me, it's really like looking through somebody's very mind (not somebody's eyes). It inspires me A LOT when, back to the "usual" side, I am drawing a model.

This is the magic of art to me: It open a crack in reality for the imagination to wander.

But gosh, all my muscle now cry for mercy. We weren't faking it. I dare not imagine how my amazing partner Vinci could handle her impressive poses. :ko:

…let's do that again soon.

┬ępicture by Dawn Hulland


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3 responses to “from the other side of the mirror

  1. claudeb

    Too bad you can't show us some of those drawings. ­čÖé

  2. PainterWoman

    Oh and what a fantastic pose that was! I'd love to see what they saw too. "all my muscle now cry for mercy" LOL, I sure know what you mean. I did some modeling for extra money for a few art workshops. Even seated poses are hard because no matter what, something starts to cramp or itch.

  3. pfelelep

    @Felix: I wish too, but this time, artists didn't post their artwork, they show me some drawings, but the only record I have are a few pictures such as the one above.@painterwoman: being a model is some kind of yoga/mediation, with possible horrible muscle pain indeed. :)I ALWAYS try to ease my models when I host a life drawing class, as now, I know how they feel. Being a model myself taught me a lot.

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