Murmur online

Waiyim's stunning latest performance pictures can be seen on the Present in art website

Please note that it is Not Safe For Work (some soft nudity). But really worth watch. 🙂



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3 responses to “Murmur online

  1. sanshan

    It looks very powerful.

  2. PainterWoman

    Very powerful indeed. I got chills looking at the one above and again at a few others. To me….and I'm speaking with all honesty, my first thought was 'torture', then 'fragility'. An odd combination. The one above appears to have her mouth sewn shut. And the one with the glass in the vagina…..well…..again I got chills and actually shuddered. I really like how the models were painted, they almost looked like plaster.

  3. pfelelep

    @San: it was even more IRL. Audience was stunning quiet. Tehn, we had a noisy, happy, chatting dinner to celebrate. :)@Painterwoman: the whole performance and glass pieces was about "the depression of the daily life. It seems nothing happened. Life is banal & safe. But Hong Kong people are worry to be disappeared under the pressure of the political power. No one listens. No one can make a voice."the 2 models were friends of us, they hold the "pose" quite a long time, with white paint on them. Thanks to their hard work, the performance was a success.

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