animated addict

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I made a gif out of the previous comic. ­čÖé
What do you think works best? Animated or stillness comic?


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9 responses to “animated addict

  1. pfelelep

    no English version so far, sorry.

  2. claudeb

    I like the animated version. Couldn't say one is much better than the other, though.

  3. darkvador69

    Marrant comme anim !:cool:

  4. PostmanPechkin


  5. pfelelep

    @gamingzone: qualit├ę/prix? euh… si on consid├Ęre que le tabac est une "drogue", je vois pas comment on peut r├ęellement parler de qualit├ę. ­čÖé

  6. gaming-zone

    bien fait, mais le tabac fran├žais a encore augmenter et ce n'est pas le meilleur rapport qualit├ę prix …

  7. naoo

    loooooooove it!!

  8. pfelelep

    thanks Nao. ­čÖé

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