Addict !

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5 responses to “Addict !

  1. pfelelep

    half-addict confession: it's only when I THINK of smoking, that I suddently become eager to smoke.There's still hope… I guess :whistle:

  2. anonymous

    ndar writes:Ok, forgot the cigarettes but thought you had quit anyway…Sorry luv, happy birthday nonetheless…Tu vas voir, catherine Millet, c'est tout fiable.

  3. claudeb

    :lol:So, don't quit smoking officially. Rather, simply forget to smoke. :PSeriously, mom kind of did that, and it worked.

  4. Liu

    Ah tiens, je me souvenais pas que tu fumais ! :eyes: C'est pas naturel faut te dire ça 🙂

  5. pfelelep

    exactly, when I'm not smoking, the idea of a coming cigarets, rather of making me happy, will makes me "in need".I guess this is why it is called a drug.Seriously, I wasn't THAT desperate 😉

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