Model and drawing artist

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Recently I had the chance and the privilege to work with amazing, passionate, creative, professional people that make me question "what is a life drawing model"? (including sub-question "What is the relationship between artist and model?)

I've been drawing with a model for more than a decade, but I'm still realizing that I don't have any answer to this previous question.

I'm so happy to realize that ­čÖé

I guess, this blog is also a way for me to write down those questions. Thanks to all of you for being my careful listeners.


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5 responses to “Model and drawing artist

  1. hllknnnd244

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  2. claudeb

    It's complicated. Recently, I've drawn a place I only knew as a prose description. While working on the drawing, I was told the description in question was based on a real place. After finishing, someone finally got around to showing me a photo. Turns out, the real place is quite different, like in a game of Chinese Whispers. But now people like my drawing more!It may well be that artist and model influence each other, like the observer and the observed in quantum physics…

  3. Liu

    I guess this relation is at the top of all relations. No need to say anything, one gives all, the other receives and takes everything he/she wants, the inside and the feelings do not belong to the story, they cannot be drawn as long as you decide not to show them…

  4. Liu

    Bravo Pfe pour ce que tu fais, moi je suis super trop introvertie pour tout ├ža… :down:

  5. pfelelep

    I'm not sure to get the "one gives all" thing, but I'm working hard with my "models" to get a back-and-forth" energy.I'm somehow introverted as well, but I can "do it" as I believe it's a hard piece of self-working and philosophy

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