broken robot

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a kids drawing's class offcut: officially robot drawing class, unofficially trying to teach them complementary colors and shading thingy.

They created the next "transformers meets Iron Man" artworks, so I draw a "useless, poorly-designed, rusty robot". Yet smiling.
(Have a look at Mattias Adolfsson blog, and find out where the robot's look came from.)


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11 responses to “broken robot

  1. pfelelep

    the difficult thing is to draw WITH the kids, yet never makes them feel "the teacher is drawing better than me".Not to mention the "teacher draw like this, I have to draw like he does"'s effect. :psmurf:

  2. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I didn't know you taught drawing. Good for you. :up:

  3. claudeb

    I understand your dilemma; you chose the best subject given the circumstances. How did the kids react?

  4. darkvador69

    you are not only the teacher but the master too !;)

  5. Liu

    cute little robot ! :up:

  6. sanshan

    Nothing wrong or unusual about copying the style of a master. Many great artists have done that before developing their own style. At least they are learning good techniques. You're doing a great job!

  7. pfelelep

    @Felix: the kid is already very skilled with B&W pencil drawing, and feel insecure with color and painting, this is the moment where I really have to "teach him", and I do my best to make him feel "secure".@Mick: more sharing than teaching actually.@Liu: merKi@Darkvador: you are too kind ;)@San: inspiration comes from copy. We all art students spent many hours in museums, copying masterpieces.

  8. Pif

    "inspiration comes from copy."I've been wanting (and "wanting", here, is the keyword) to write a small piece to defend copying, or imitation in rock music, in opposition to a cliché that pops up all the time."inspiration comes from copy." True dat.

  9. pfelelep

    j'ai lu un vieil article sur toutes les fois où LEd Zep avait "repompé" des passages entiers de chansons d'autres groupes.L'article était tourné genre "led zep n'a RIEN inventé", mais pour ma part, j'avais plutôt tendance à penser que lorsqu'on aime une œuvre, quelle qu'elle soit, FORCEMENT ça se ressent dans nos propres "créations". 🙂

  10. Pif

    Et Deep Purple, à mort. Va voir sur toitube, c'est impressionnant. Enfin là, ils repompaient volontairement, sans vergogne.Mais bon, en ajoutant un _gros_ quelque chose, alors on les excuse.

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