(that's the noise of the nib/quill on paper)

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I'm trying some old-style pen and ink stuff recently. Aaaaaand it's a lot of fun, aaaaaand that's the only things that matters to me, really. ^^

and… yes, we had amazingly inspiring models as well. :up:


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9 responses to “criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……

  1. hungryghost

    How did the model stand on his head for long enough? Or maybe you stood on your head? 😀

  2. claudeb

    You always draw people in unusual poses. Fun! Very good drawings too, cleaner than usual.

  3. pfelelep

    @hungry: model was a exceptional performer, he stood like this for 5 minutes. Long enough for me. :)@Felix: thanks, I'm lucky to work with unusual models. 🙂

  4. Liu

    Have you already tried to draw what you see in a mirror ?

  5. pfelelep

    you mean, reversed image through mirror?Or reversing what I see through my brain?

  6. pfelelep

    I did, looong time ago.and I agree it's a very interesting experiment to do. Like having a slight decalage between what you perceive and "reality"

  7. Scattergood66

    Nice job – I love life drawing – and you are right: IT IS FUN!! 🙂

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