drawing studios crossover

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phantasm: :wizard:
product of fantasy
a : delusive appearance : illusion
b : ghost, specter
c : a figment of the imagination

OK, more honestly, it's just a crossover composition as I was in 2 differents drawing studios the same day. Those 2 models never posed together, except in my mind ^^


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7 responses to “drawing studios crossover

  1. pfelelep

    technical details: they're all 5-15 minutes poses, and I can tell you I've was pretty lucky the session was not too crowded so I could move in the room to get the right position for the 2 models to "fit" together. And that wasn't easy but certainly a very amusing challenge!

  2. anonymous

    Melanie writes:very nice ­čÖé

  3. claudeb

    And yet the compositions are beautiful. The last one, especially, has a je-ne-sais-quoi. Perhaps because it's not your usual style.

  4. pfelelep

    thanks! Felix: different style as I was away from my watercolor's box and too lazy to walk back…

  5. anonymous

    Anonyme writes:C'est pas mal, de l'art!J'adoore

  6. Olivier31

    sympas tes dessins, bon ce n'est pas encore du L├ęonard de Vinci mais accroche toi ├á ton talent ­čÖé

  7. pam

    I like this idea very much and did it a few times when I was taking studio classes. Did one graphite drawing over a few weeks time of just hands.

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