This pict just express what I ALWAYS thought about video games across ages:

and here is one of the best example I personnaly experienced "during the best years of my life":

(game demo start at 2:30)

…no more explanation needed for '70-80's people. ^^



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6 responses to “memories

  1. pfelelep

    R-TYPE, tiens…Ghosts'n Goblins, arg.There was no "save game" at this time. XD

  2. darkvador69

    J'ai eu un Amiga 500 et avant un C64 alors je sais de quoi tu parles !:D

  3. darkvador69

    non, mais y en a certains qui pensent qu'on parle de la préhistoire !!:lol:

  4. pfelelep

    les grands esprits se rencontrent!… ou les vieux cons, aussi, peut-être… 🙄

  5. I_ArtMan

    we first had an atari, then nintendo. i couldn't bear the tension to play any of them. especially balderdash. but i dutifully sat next to my son, ryan. now he's writing games.i understand that they have become quite sophisticated these days with overwhelming production values.

  6. pfelelep

    @Darvador: ouaip', et quand tu leur parle de l'ancetre de la DS, le gameboy (le ou la, je sais jamais…) ils ne peuvent pas croire que tu jouais sur une console en noir et blanc@artman:I guess, it's not "innocent gaming" anymore. People want to be fully entertained somehow. It requires more and more innovation and development budget.Some games thought, are still just like the "good ol' days", but I think, it's target for the old generation such as mine.

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