da naked man of da week

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Oh mon dieu, des hommes nus…
OMG, Naked Men :eyes:


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6 responses to “da naked man of da week

  1. pfelelep

    and many penises, btw. I'm back to basic, somehow. 🙄

  2. hungryghost

    Base penises?! :eyes:

  3. Liu

    Is he really muscled like this or is it an interpretation from you ? 🙂

  4. pfelelep

    @Hungry: sort of "lol"@Liu: he was a body-builder. A shy one, but still. I do not interpretate. Never. I'm a natural born witness.:sherlock:

  5. claudeb

    A shy body-builder? How does that even work? :DAnyway, you captured him nicely.

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