Alors, ca, c'est「MACHINE CIVILIZATION」du groupe「WORLD ORDER」et l'artiste s'appelle Takashi Watanabede.

Et c'est mon premier avril WTF? génial.

「MACHINE CIVILIZATION」from group「WORLD ORDER」artist is Takashi Watanabede.
And it's my 1st of WTF? April


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  1. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Weird. Mind-boggling choreography, but weird.

  2. Liu

    Waaaah, j'aime bien moi !!!! Ils ont dû répéter pour arriver à faire tout ça ! Je te la pique pour mettre sur mon blog 😉

  3. pfelelep

    @mick: weird id the word, huh? :)@Liu: fais passer, internet sert à cela ^^

  4. Aprilsnow

    A brilliant video! Even Japanese are wakening up. Japan is the most "developed" nation and most orderly country in the world totally under control even when earthquake struck and saw their relatives under ruins, no cry, no hurry, waiting patiently in line. Isn't this video telling the essence of the whole modern civilization since the industrial revolution? Our world is no longer a place for human being to live but for profit, production is not for the need of human being but for GDP. Human are simply reduced to machines, or parts of a big machine, all designed and directed by the world order headquartered in Wall Street and London Exchange.Have you ever done a simple calculation, divide the world total GDP by the world total population? If you did, you know how wrong and how sick this world order is. What a tragic world?! I have to post "behavior arts" on my blog today, and I am not even an artist, I would never be.

  5. YannouLD


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