Imagine there’s no more communication.

…what has happened in Tunisia, is happening in Egypt, and might happen in Yemen, is simply unbelievable.

And the Egyptian government has cut out their whole Internet (French article), which is, to me, and point of no return.


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4 responses to “Imagine there’s no more communication.

  1. darkvador69

    Avec Hadopi et Loppsi, on est bien barré pour que la france ressemble à l'Egypte dans pas longtemps… 😦

  2. claudeb

    Want to bet that we'll have a decentralized alternate Internet starting to spread worldwide by the end of the year?As for Egypt, I just hope their revolution succeeds. Iran and Molvova are proof that not all do (then again, Moldova got better).

  3. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    People are already figuring out ways to get back on-line.

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