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je les avais jamais publiées ces deux là?? En haut dessinées de tête, en bas sur le vif, avec modèle.

Have I or haven't I published those two already? Up from imagination, down life drawing.


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8 responses to “miaou

  1. Liu

    C'est dur à faire le pelage d'un chat roux…

  2. claudeb

    Eee, kitties! :love:

  3. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    :cat: :heart:

  4. pfelelep

    Ah! Ma Kwai Kwai & Yaï Yaï!

  5. pfelelep

    It was Wai Yim who posted it.Wai Yim

  6. ellecassidy

    I love the personality of your drawings! Their faces and the texture of the fur are great, and really beautiful use of color. So charming! 😀

  7. pfelelep

    THanks a lot Lauren. 🙂

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