Ali & Léa in Paris

Creative Commons License

a few sketches at the terrace, using coffee color first as I got spotted when using watercolor…
by Ali & Lea, 2 young American girls to whom I offer their portrait. Their parents thanked me and bought me a beer.
As I asked the girls to sketch me, Ali seemed to enjoy drawing, but Lea quickly start hiding in her father's legs because she was ashamed not drawing as good as her sister.
(note to self: never put kids in a competitiveness's situation).


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5 responses to “Ali & Léa in Paris

  1. pfelelep

    (note to self: next time, ask for a glass of champagne) :drunk:

  2. pfelelep

    I like your drawing.Wai Yim

  3. pfelelep

    qu'est-ce que tu racontes un samedi swar à 21h30 ma chère?

  4. Liu

    Très réalistique ! :up: (je parle de tes portraits 😀 )

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