cooking time

another secret project under my cloak :ninja:
This time, it's all about cooking. Can't say more.
The best thing about being an expat is mixing 2 cultures and flavors. And this is one common interest between chinese and french: we share the table's rituals.

And there's even a blog challenge cooking on myopera right now. 😀


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12 responses to “cooking time

  1. darkvador69

    ça donne faim … 😉

  2. valentine64

    C'est vrai…je vais me prendre une glace :p En plus il fait chaud :cheers:

  3. ellinidata

    the olives are so pecfectly done,I can reach and grab one or two….As a Greek i am, I can never say no to Kalamata olives ….I am looking forward to more news about your cooking 🙂 I see many members participating in the "cooking on Opera " post 🙂

  4. Liu

    *slurp* trop bons les cornichons 😉

  5. hungryghost


  6. pfelelep

    @darvador: à Taaaaable!@Valentine: pas facile à dessiner les glaces: ça fond trop vite ^^@Angeliki: I'm also a big Olive fan. And it's not THAT easy to draw…@Liu: en revanche, je suis devenu un spécialiste du cornichon :D@Hungry: "hungryghost got satisfied"? 😉

  7. valentine64

    MDR…je reste avec les olives alors :yes:

  8. Schalandra

    now I get hungry… again! 🙄

  9. ellinidata

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    And it's not THAT easy to draw…

    I am sure……….. every time I try to draw them,they look more like prunes.. 😆

  10. anonymous

    Ludy77 writes:Your paintings are beautiful and so well done, really great art work.. have a lovely day x

  11. ellinidata

    I was honored to be in the same page with you at the Opera post…You are one true artist!

  12. hungryghost

    Hungry is never satisfied 😀

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