Billy, space savior

Après Mona Lisa, voici Billy…
Last week was Mona Lisa, now here comes Billy…

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Dernière scéance de modèle vivant, j'ai été fasciné par le visage de Billy, et je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de penser à Kenji Ōba, l'acteur qui jouait X-OR (l'ancêtre de Bioman) dont je suivais passionnément les aventures avec mon frangin quand on était gosses.
On ne s'attend jamais à se prendre une baffe de nostalgie en pleine face, même quand on a un vieil homme nu devant les yeux!

Last nude model workshop, I was fascinated by Billy's face, and couldn't help but think of Kenji Ōba , the actor who played in my fav' TV show "Uchuu Keiji Gavan", aka"Space Sheriff Gavan".
You never know when chilhood memories will hit you. Even during a nude model worshop! :eyes:



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16 responses to “Billy, space savior

  1. pfelelep

    "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaan, pourquoi il est tout nu X-OR?D'habitude, quand il se transforme il met son armure, mais pas là?"

  2. ellinidata

    from cholesterol to Yoga? nice!I love the new addition!Billy has a strong "face" *cough* *cough*:o I do yoga daily too!(not on the nude, I wish I could …)

  3. Liu

    Ahhhhhh, enfin un nu masculin ! Merci Pfe, jolies esquisses !

  4. echappy

    You still have chance to see the show or other series in "pay-TV" of TVB!! Good luck!! 🙂

  5. pfelelep

    @angel: I drawn MANY models doing yoga actually. I wonder, maybe they control their body streching better (it's never easy to stay still even for 15 minutes), and/or meditating. I guess they get bored ^^@Liu: je savais que t'aimerais (aimerait? aimerai?). Je tente le grand format ces derniers temps. très grandes feuilles de papier, avec un big pinceaux chinois (le dernier portrait). Ben je m'éclate comme un gosse qui découvre un nouveau crayon.@Meow:thanks for the hint! :up:

  6. ellinidata

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    I guess they get bored ^^

    :lol:Yoga models are usually active people 🙂 I suggest you draw models that are TV watchers :pI know so little about your art,I feel bad and I promise to cruise your posts tonight 🙂

  7. ellinidata

    PSI will visit Lius' amazing entries too… 😦 I feel bad that I never did before …

  8. ellinidata

    thank you for the links! you make me 😮 feel special!

  9. pfelelep

    dear Angeliki, I recommand you to have a peek at Auguste RODIN's and Egon SCHIELE's nude drawing. To me, they are really beautiful and are a source of inspiration.I hope my friends Liu and Artman can confirm :angel:

  10. Liu

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    I hope my friends Liu and Artman can confirm

    Haha, of course I confirm among some others I really appreciate too ! How to insert urls in my reply like you did Pfe ?

  11. pfelelep
    [url=http://my link]my link's name[/url]
  12. pfelelep

    tes liens ont pas l'air de marcher chez moi, Liu. :/

  13. Liu

    là ça marche. Et l'autre lien :Jean C.

  14. Liu

    zut de zut…Je recommence :eugène D.

  15. Liu

    et aussi bien sûr ses premières esquisses exquises 🙂 : P.P.

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