speed pict

Look! There's a naked man behind a naked woman! :eyes:


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17 responses to “speed pict

  1. pfelelep

    Angeliki, you are the fastest comment-atist I've seen for ages! :)…and our cholesterol say to say thank you. ^^

  2. ellinidata

    Originally posted by pfelelep:


    ­čś« flattered (I think) ­čść sometimes I am on line just the right time! :p

  3. ellinidata

    and they both look to have high cholesterol too! ­čść

  4. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Lovely eyes. ­čść

  5. pfelelep

    @angeliki: 3, 2, 1… Run! Btw, the drawing was a 2 min pose. I'm a quick one too.@mick: "look at me in the EYES, I said THE EYES!"

  6. ellinidata

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    I'm a quick one too.

    quickies were always my favorite! ­čść :lol:PSby the way,I am always watching my cholesterol,but as a Greek i can never say 'no" to feta cheese!:p

  7. hungryghost

    mmmmmmm…..feta and ripe tomatoes with fresh olive oil, some olives and a bit of salt…. Yummmm

  8. Liu

    Naked you said ? :yikes: Nice drawing as always !

  9. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    @mick: "look at me in the EYES, I said THE EYES!"


  10. pfelelep

    @angeliki & hungryghost: hmmm… Feta cheese…. :)@Liu: direct au feutre pinceau et au lavis. Mon trait est de plus en plus s├╗r. Et mes chevilles de plus en plus gonfl├ęes…

  11. Liu

    :p Tu n'as jamais pens├ę ├á filmer tes traits s├╗rs ?

  12. pfelelep

    Filmer mes traits? euh, non pas vraiment.pourquoi faire?Waiyim m'a film├ę un jour en train de la dessiner, mais c'├ętait plus pour capturer mon visage que mon crayon ^^

  13. Liu

    Euh… ├ža serait int├ęresant de voir comme tu ne tr├ębuches pas justement !

  14. pfelelep

    hier, j ai peint ├á l'encre de chine sur grand format.De toute ├ęvidence, je suis "contamin├ę" par la peinture chinoise!

  15. Liu

    ­čś« Avec un gros pinceau gros comme un balai ?

  16. pfelelep

    Hokusai style? ^^Nan, un gros-petit pinceau "classique"

  17. Liu

    J'adore sa grande vague ! :happy:

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