da pinup of the LADIE’S WEEK

It's a buy one, get one 😀

It's a 4-hands-made by Auré and me 🙂

And it's © Auré. :angel:


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7 responses to “da pinup of the LADIE’S WEEK

  1. pfelelep

    guess who he is? and win… uh…Nahhh, it's too easy anyway.

  2. ellinidata

    darn this is precious! :lol:thanks for sharing!

  3. anonymous

    choi writes:so nice!! can i borrow it to share on fb?

  4. pfelelep

    @Choi: better ask the other artist Auré. I'm not the only one involved on this drawing.@Angeliki: my "preciouuuussssss"… ^^

  5. Liu

    You created the rugbyman 😉

  6. anonymous

    Tetra writes:oh, and I thought it was mine…. 😦

  7. hungryghost

    LOL…Rugby, a game played by 11 men with odd balls.

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