Caught in the oil

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pictures by AP Photographer Charlie Riedel

See what it's like. Click the link for all pictures-in-your-face in full size.

…and don't miss this speechless-ing article in which some wildlife experts advocate euthanizing instead of cleaning individual birds; and the response of Blogger and evolutionary biologist GrrlScientist.
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7 responses to “Caught in the oil

  1. pfelelep

    "allons-nous assister à une hausse du prix de l'essence?"

  2. sylvain08

    ah, ça c'est l'Amérique !

  3. anonymous

    Wai Yim writes:Humain est vraiment très mauvais!

  4. Liu

    *shame on the human race* :awww:

  5. sanshan

    Thankfully, our government is making stricter regulations for shipping oil along our West coast in Canada. I pray this never happens here. But how many are willing to give up all petroleum related products? You can't totally blame the US for this. China is buying up oil companies in our country. Do you think I trust them to have follow proper environmental practices here?

  6. anonymous

    mamers writes:je tremble rien qu'à l'idée de reprendre le volant

  7. ellinidata

    thinking that there are many ,many more wells under the Ocean around the world,my fear is ,who can in guarantee that the same will not happen in another location? 😦

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