Male for change

My friend Liu thinks I have a style sometimes close to Cocteau's drawings (clic).

I bear consequences. 🙂

Creative Commons License

No need to mention that Cocteau was gay btw, I know, and I bear even more all consequences. :happy:

tiens, un petit lien: RENARD ne dessine pas comme moi, mais c'est magnifique quand même:


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4 responses to “Male for change

  1. anonymous

    melanie writes:ah ouais c'est pas mal ça.

  2. claudeb

    Very interesting, both your portraits and Renard's. I can tell you don't look at men and women with the same eyes.

  3. Liu

    Han, it's me ! :left: I continue to think you are drawing like him ! Beautiful and pure lines opened to our imagination… :happy:

  4. pfelelep

    @melanie: 'me souviens même plus si on a déjà fait du modèle vivant ensemble, vu que tu boudais la plupart des cours de dessin (Dale, Carpentier and co)@Felix: I guess you're absolutely right. I really have to think about it.@Liu: I wish I have more nude workshop, I'm getting to starve about it.

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