stuff en vrac

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juste quelques trucs et crobards sans prétention mis bout-à-bout.
Just a few things and sketches with no pretension put together


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11 responses to “stuff en vrac

  1. pfelelep

    bon, d'accord, y'a un chat, mais pas de femme nue.

  2. anonymous

    Melanie writes:mais, mais,…tu t'es rasé? o___°

  3. claudeb

    Hee! Kitty helping you out with computer tasks?

  4. pfelelep

    @melanie: ça m'arrive, de temps en temps. C'est pas comme si tu ne m'avais jamais connu glabre, si?@Felix: she's more than my muse, she's my one!

  5. anonymous

    Choi writes:Why Yaiyai has a bust?!

  6. hungryghost

    The cat looks suspicious…and all of a sudden I feel like shaving…

  7. pfelelep

    @choi: she's a lady :happy: @hungry: she expect the spanish inquisition?

  8. hungryghost

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…bwahh waahhh wahhhhhhhh!

  9. Liu

    Chat alors ! (bon d'accord, elle est facile… 😀 )

  10. Muttsfan

    Is that a real life Jon and Garfield?

  11. pfelelep

    @Muttsfan: I diden't catch her with lasagna yet 🙂

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