1 mois suite et fin

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english translation:

1 month seeing museum's painting, with old-friendly's experts.

1 month with my mom'. Enough said

Boy, what a month!


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7 responses to “1 mois suite et fin

  1. Liu

    J'adore ce petit dessin de toi et ta maman ! C'est trop mignon ­čÖé

  2. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    1 month with my mom'

    Awwww :love:

  3. pfelelep

    I KNEW the mom's effect would touch you all. :p

  4. anonymous

    melanie writes:j'y connais rien en peinture donc on va dire que cette premiere partie de note ne me concerne pas…heum heum^^

  5. pfelelep

    @ Melanie: d├ęgonfl├ęe..!

  6. darkvador69

    salut, joli coup de crayonA +moi c'est plutot la geek attitude… :up:

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