Bonne année chinoise / happy chinese new year

Creative Commons License

(click image for english version)


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13 responses to “Bonne année chinoise / happy chinese new year

  1. BabyJay99

    Gong Xi Fa Chai.Xin Nien Kuai Ler, Wangser ru e.Happy Lunar New Year to all. The Tiger is here :hat:

  2. EasyD44

    HAPPY TIGER! :cat: :cat: Cool drawing!

  3. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I thought scratching my cat was a lot of work :DHappy New Year.

  4. zythom

    Bonne année Geng-Yin du cycle 78!Et meilleurs vœux de bonheur 🙂

  5. Aprilsnow

    Happy Year of the Tiger! 恭喜发财! 万事如意! May I keep the tiger drawing on my blog? I really like it. Thank you. 🙂

  6. I_ArtMan

    absolutement cool :happy:

  7. pfelelep

    @april: feel free to keep and re-use my drawing, it's under a creative commons license. 😀

  8. hungryghost

    Bonne Annee a vous de Vancouver!

  9. FumiakiFujisawa

    Happy New Year. Tiger (cat?) I years. It is a pretty good picture. Has the impression that the convergence of European style and ink painting.

  10. Liu

    Gong xi fa cai my friend ! :hat:

  11. FumiakiFujisawa

    Plese tell me gong xi cai.I do not want to be tied to religion, know the doctrine.Where I come from, where am I going to go? What to do? Suffer from delusions. But I am me.

  12. anamorphose

    Merci pour le dessin et la typographie, cela donne envie de bouffer du lion et de mettre du tigre dans son moteur pour rugir de plaisir !J'ai envie de réutiliser ton gif ailleurs, puis-je ?

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