la pinup de la semaine – pinup of da week

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11 responses to “la pinup de la semaine – pinup of da week

  1. pfelelep

    un jour, je changerai mes en-têtes pour un titre plus évocateur genre "des fesses et des nichons", et j'exploserai mon référencement google.

  2. PainterWoman

    I like the pose. She has a rather surprised look on her face.

  3. I_ArtMan

    hmmmm… very luscious.

  4. auré

    Trop de silicones dans les seins, c'est pas naturel, ça m'écoeure tout ça.

  5. I_ArtMan

    je le entends. i would like to see that. 😎

  6. pfelelep

    @painterwoman: some people told me not to focus on the face's expression. THIS TIME I made an effort, right? :)@scott: I assure you I can do worse better than that ;)@auré: silicone? silicone? point du tout, c'est du bon gras qui s'affaisse naturellement de chez nous mon bon monsieur.

  7. EasyD44

    Very nice..I like it. I especially like the red stamped man in the corner, I assume that is your signature/calling card? Cool idea..

  8. pfelelep

    @EasyD44: actually it's not my signature, this "stamp" is on every page on my sketchbook. :bug:

  9. EasyD44

    ohh..thats interesting…did u get in China?

  10. pfelelep

    yes, but I think the sketchbook is made in hong kong.

  11. EasyD44 I came across this guy who makes hand made notebooks from reed paper and recycled materials…I think they are made in HK. You might like them….I thought they were cool.

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