ne me faites pas minarrer! / Great Mosque of Xi’an

Les Suisses ont tranché: leur constitution va être modifiée et interdire la construction de nouveaux minarets pendant qu'en France on commande des sondages douteux sur la possibilité d'un référendum sur un projet de loi, quand on ne débat pas sur l'identité nationale de mes deux.

Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on minarets on Sunday, barring construction of the iconic mosque towers (minarets) in a surprise vote that put Switzerland at the forefront of a European backlash against a growing Muslim population. In France, polls seem to confirm that « «we 're really close to think the same (not to mention the national identity's debate of-my-balls).

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Plutôt que de vous montrer les restes de mon déjeuner de la veille dégobillé récemment à l'annonce de ces nouvelles européano-réjouissantes, je préfère vous balancer un petit spoiler sur les quelques dessins que j'avais fait de la grande mosquée de Xi'An, une des plus anciennes de Chine (elle date de 742), construite sous l’empire des Tang, elle mélange traditions et architectures musulmanes et chinoises. C'est très beau.

But, even if I'd really want to puke when I red those news from my country, I prefer to spoil a few drawings from the Great Mosque of Xi'an, China (the last part of my newsletter will contain the visit of Xi'an), one of the oldest and most renowned mosques in the country.
Built in the Tang Dynasty in 742, it's completely Chinese in its construction and architectural style, except for some Arabic lettering and decorations, for the mosque has neither domes nor traditional-style minarets.

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Le minaret "à la chinoise".

En passant, en Europe occidentale, les minarets ne sont généralement pas utilisés pour l'appel à la prière (…)

Please note that in most Occidental Europe countries, minarets are not use for call to the prayer.

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Je ne les ai pas dessinées, mais c'est plein de calligraphies arabes. C'est très beau aussi.

It's beautiful, there's also many Arabic calligraphies that I didn't draw.

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Et la salle de prière. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore, y'a plein d'arabs' en Chine, depuis la nuit des temps, en particulier les HUI. Et concrètement, ce sont des chinois qui bouffent pas de porc.

It is still used by Chinese Muslims (mainly the Hui people)


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17 responses to “ne me faites pas minarrer! / Great Mosque of Xi’an

  1. claudeb

    I wonder how Christians would like a ban on bell towers. It would only be fair, in a state that doesn't officially favor any religion.Oh wait. Officially. Riiight.P.S. Nice drawings, especially the last one with the old man. It's always interesting to see how different cultures mix.

  2. anamorphose

    Moi aussi, j'aime particulièrement ton dessin avec le vieil homme, les autres sont beaux mais froids sans chaleur humaine. Pour la Suisse, le dirigeant de droite extrême a lancé cette idée de référendum sur l'interdiction des minarets pour être au-devant de la scène un peu comme Le Pen, mais il ne s'attendait pas à remporter le référendum et il était gêné par le résultat parce qu'il aurait préféré perdre et continuer à se poser en victime. Je n'arrive plus à retrouver le lien url, mais je l'avais lu sur un site de gauche suisse. Le résultat de ce référendum m'attriste parce que cela montre que sur cette décision, la majorité des Suisses n'ont pas fait preuve d'ouverture. Ce qui n'enlève pas le caractère de décision conforme à la volonté du peuple de cette décision. Espérons qu'ils puissent changer d'avis plus tard de leur plein gré ( sans une campagne de culpabilisation à la con, mais par une prise de conscience humaniste ).En tout cas, les Suisses ont de beaux débats sur pleins de sujets nous n'avons même pas en France sauf des débats biaisés à la con à la kommandantur Préfecture, et pour cela je les envie.

  3. anamorphose

    Tu as aussi cette lettre d'un émigré bulgare en Allemagne sur la votation concernant la libre circulation des travailleurs ( mais avec les conventions de leur pays d'origine )

  4. andreabianco

    I don't know what's the situation in France regarding religions, but I sadly know about italian one.. our government is racist and keeps using the "strangers" as an excuse for everything bad happening in Italy; we have some parties at the government that are offending Islam daily, with bad words and horrible sentences, and no one does nothing about that, cos Vatican has an HUGE power over italian government : Vatican is directly or not so directly deciding a lot of things for the italian government, and is fighting to keep italians believe "our history is in the Christianity" and that we have to do all we can to keep things like they are and kick the others away, Islam before everyone else, cos "christians are good and muslims are crazy". Etc. It gives me vomit and I stopped watching italian tv and reading italian newspapers since years. I believe in no religion and even if I think they are the most evil and wrong thing on this planet, I feel mad and sad when I see people fighting for em, insulting each other, trying to avoid someone else to believe in what she wants and so on. Such a complicated thing, especially for my poor english (or my non -existing french!). Anyway thanks for your post, it is equally visually beautiful and mentally interesting 🙂

  5. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:Mi fermai per vedere la televisione.

  6. I_ArtMan

    very interesting. i had no idea there were ten million muslims in china. i guess they keep a low profile. very lovely buildings. i could live in the tower. that would be quaint. 🙂

  7. pfelelep

    @ClaudeB: the Hui are really beautiful people. I'm too shy to take pictures of street people, but there's really beautiful.@Anamorphose: je suis l'actualité pour voir justement ce que la politique retient de cette histoire, à l'avenir.@Andrea: ouch! I'ts really a gov official opinion?@Artman: I'd like to say that chinese-muslims and "chinese-non-muslims" have no problem with each others, but I'm afraid there's silly racist people everywhere. But it SEEMS to me it's not THAT BAD comparing to France.

  8. andreabianco

    @pfelelep : official members of the government did say racist offenses toward roms, romanians, muslims and islam as a whole, and they say such things every now and then, when they need to gather the approval of the sadly big number of italians that are racists cos still deeply ignorant. It's really disgusting and also weird since italians knew in past what does it mean to be forced to go to other countries (Usa, Germany, Belgium) looking for job and being treated like animals cos of racism. Anyway, the more I look at you beautiful sketches, the more I want to learn to use watercolors 🙂

  9. Aprilsnow

    Yes, there are a lot of Hui people in China, we know they don't eat pork, wearing a small white cap, otherwise, we are the same… in China we don't have the concept/idea of racial discrimination, we don't emphasize the differences between different religious or racial groups, people just live, naturally accept each other. If you examine Chinese history, you would find for thousands of years we don't have religious wars or racial wars in our history (please don't use the recent events in Tibet and Xinjiang as examples, those have a lot to do with international geopolitics and economic gaps) Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawings and the story. 🙂

  10. pfelelep

    @andrea: about watercolors, don't wait to learn, just do it! the biggest difference I had to manage when I started watercolor is that they're translucent colors, so they won't recover the color behind, you just have to keep that in mind. ;)@aprilsnow: your country really inspire me. 🙂 Btw, many of my French fellows were really astonished to learn that they're no religious wars or racial wars in your country's history, as France history is full of religious conflicts.

  11. hungryghost

    Hmmmm…it's all so silly. People here are upset because it's considered bad form to wish people Merry Christmas, so now they say "happy holidays" = all because they don't want to use the word Christ in the phrase. Religion. Bah.

  12. Henar

    Why can´t people just do and follow the religion they want? I just don´t mind as long as everyone respects the rest. It should be easier than all that! Spain´s history is also full of religious conflicts. :awww: It´s a shame… some of the most wonderful buildings we have in the south (like Granada or Cordoba), were built by muslims. It was an amazing culture, and part of ours too.Very interesting post!!! As usual, I loved the drawings!!!

  13. Liu

    Well done Pfe 🙂

  14. claudeb

    Originally posted by Henar:

    Why can´t people just do and follow the religion they want? I just don´t mind as long as everyone respects the rest.

    Oh, but you see, certain religions have intolerance as a fundamental principle. According to them, everyone else is wrong, and from here to "and must be converted or killed" there is only a small step. Especially since the holy books of said religions were written in more cruel times, and they do imply that. No wonder some people furiously oppose religion.

  15. Aprilsnow

    Thanks for the list, Pfelelep, it's interesting to learn. I also learned at Opera, The main religion in France is Catholic and right now some people are defending Laïc Republic. As for China, 1) Neither Buddhism nor Taoism has this "One and unique God" while the Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam are all monotheism, according to philosopher Bertrand Russell. 2)Relatively speaking, Chinese religions are more philosophical, influenced by Laozi and Confucius and other Chinese philosophies. 3)Chinese religions have always been separated from political ruling, never become a ruling class except in Tibet. That's for today. 🙂

  16. cgman

    i like your drawing a lot! congratulations ! i hope someday you can make me one to print and put on my wall :P.

  17. Henar

    You´re right, Felix. Those Holy Books should be revisited… people just don´t believe the stories in them anymore…

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