Newsletter in China/ part 2 / Newsletter en Chine


Mes dernières aventures en Chine, DEUXIEME partie, 100% dessinées en PDF, en cliquant ici (french)
(la première partie est ici)
Et la version complète est là (environ 9 mégas) :hat:

My last trip to China, part 2, 100% sketched, PDF file, click here to download (english)
(first part is there).
…and FULL VERSION" click here (about 9 megs).

Creative Commons License


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6 responses to “Newsletter in China/ part 2 / Newsletter en Chine

  1. sanshan

    Awesome! I've been to Pinyao. Wished I had spent a night in one of those traditional hotels.

  2. Liu

    J'adore tes comics !!! L'hôtel magni-fi-que, la ville su-per-be, le petit chien a-do-ra-ble, le petit peintre on en mangerait… Tout est beau, mais que se passe-t-il donc à la fin ? :eyes:

  3. pfelelep

    @sanshan: you'll be back? here's the adress:Pingyao Yide Hotel#16 Shaxiang Street, Pingyao, Shanxi Province, Chi, 031100, Pingyao ouaip', euh… la fin… canine? 😉

  4. andreabianco

    Thanks so much for this post, I am loving reading and watching your pdfs, they are so inspiring and alive 🙂

  5. pfelelep

    @andreabianco: thanks, you made my day.

  6. andreabianco

    you're welcome, you made my other day 😀

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