Pas trop tôt / Finally

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Une institutrice homosexuelle qui se bat depuis 11 ans avec sa compagne pour obtenir le droit d'adopter un enfant a obtenu gain de cause. :cheers:

C'est une première (via Eolas), mais c'est loin d'être gagné en France (via le Monde).

english translation:
french lesbian nursery school teacher wins adoption case, it's a first-ever French ruling in favour of homosexual adoption rights , but the french Gov is still declaring its continued opposition to adoption by gay couples.


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12 responses to “Pas trop tôt / Finally

  1. pfelelep

    Guess who I am kissing and win a Gay-sketch :flirt:

  2. pfelelep

    @hungry: booooooo indeed, and more! To my opinion it's kinda scary to see how many homophobic deputees we have, even in the Gov.

  3. hungryghost

    hmmmm….I didn't realise that the French govt had such a policy.Boooooo.

  4. claudeb

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    kinda scary to see how many homophobic deputees we have

    Well duh, it's a reflection of the attitude of the general populace, except politicians are even more ignorant, bigoted and retrograde than the average Joe.

  5. anonymous

    Blublu writes:I'm agree whit Claudeb…not sure that we have so much homophobic deputees, but the old woman, who's watching each evening TF1 , and who thinks that everything was better before (before what? that's the question ^^), this one doesn't want to see and ear anyhting about homosexuality, and certainly not about children. how pathetic it is! I think , like everywhere else, time will do is job. (hope so).

  6. Pif

    That the elected members of parliament represent the people who have voted for them is an axiom. In real life, we can find oh so many examples where they just don't. So, the only sure thing is we have many MPs who think an homophobic stance will win them votes or let them keep their base, the rest is pure guesswork at this stage.That, to me, says more about the state of politics than about voters. I wouldn't assume everybody's stupid and old people are frustrated and angry etc, although most certainly this card has been played over and over by our small pathetic excuse of a president.

  7. pfelelep

    En images, Christian Vanneste dans C dans l'air du13/11/09. impressionnant.@ claudeb: I really pray that it's not the attitude of the general populace, I would really loose my faith in humanity (uh… poor choice of words as I'm not really religious)@Blublu: I'm pretty optimistic about youth, but not really about our parent's generation (the old woman watching TF1, and what about the old man, anyway?) ;)@Pif: "our small pathetic excuse of a president"… Pif, would you marry me? Errr, well, symbolically speaking?

  8. Liu

    11 years… so much wasting time :clown:

  9. anamorphose

    Je viens de voir Christian Vanneste, ouh là là, ils ne sont pas gâtés dans le Nord pour que leurs médias arrivent à faire voter avec succès pour des beaufs pareils.

  10. EasyD44

    Wow..I am surprised at France, here in the US, there is a stereotype that there is nothing that the French won't approve of doing! 😀 Is Gay marriage legal? Or it that an EU thing?

  11. pfelelep

    @EasyD44: Gay marriage is authorized in Europe in those countries:BelgiumNetherlandsNorwaySpainSwedenFrance and some others has Civil unions and registered partnerships. :)see the wiki for more details.

  12. EasyD44

    Thanks for the info 🙂

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