Hong Kong Art Center’s live concert

…très joliment situé entre des bâtiments de 40 étages de haut et 2 routes à fort traffic, le Hong Kong Art center plaza accueille tous les vendredis de fin de mois un spectacle en live. Hier, c'était concert/impro. M'étant acheté un nouveau feutre pinceau de compétition, j'y ai crobardé sans prétention.

Creative Commons License

Notez que ce style de dessin et de mise en page est complètement et honteusement pompé sur un grand maître: Erwann Surcouf, dont voici un (superbe) exemple. Et puis non, c'est pas de la pompe, c'est de l'inspiration. Merde!:idea:

english translation:
Between 40-floors-high skyscrappers and high-density-roads stood the Hong kong Art center Plaza on whom there's a live event every last month's friday.
yesterday was a concert/improvisation. I bought a new ink-paintbrush and went sketching.

Yesterday we saw a live concert at the HONG KONG ART CENTER
There was a real crowd
And musicians
that was cool
And maaaaany photographs
(and some hands)
Young singers from Bengladesh
And theirs uncle
and Auntie! Dunnot forget me..
And a brazilian band
I'm the rocking bassist
but sometimes comes a bus
then, you cannot hear the music anymore?
just like in Paris's subway!
Fucking Bus…
Say, it's a weird place to play music anyway…
Between Buildings and roads…
Nahhh… That's Hong Kong youd'know
No Gov' aid
No budget,
Nor sponsor
We play music because we want to!
Shit, here comes another bus…
please note that this style of sketch+texts is stolen from the master Erwann Surcouf, and there's a (beautiful) example here. Well, it's not really stolen, it's inspiration!


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11 responses to “Hong Kong Art Center’s live concert

  1. pfelelep

    …quelqu'un saurait m'écrire le code HTML pour réduire l'image affichée sur le blog et ouvrir le dessin en échelle 1 dans un autre fenêtre sur simple clic, por favor? :whistle: en attendant, j'utilise ça:

    <a href="http://files.myopera.com/pfelelep/xdessinblog9/montage%20feutre%20web4.jpg" target="newwin"><img src="http://files.myopera.com/pfelelep/xdessinblog9/montage%20feutre%20web4.jpg" />
  2. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism, to steal ideas from many is research.

    Got that from my own research 😉

  3. anonymous

    Blüblü writes:ha, ça c'est un probleme, quand les tatas ressemblent aux tontons et vice versa. Mais ou va le monde?

  4. Liu

    Hello Pfe,Je t'envoie le code en PM pour réduire ton image de 50%. Tu noteras que ton image échelle 1 s'ouvrira dans une page htm qui porte le nom de popup. Tu dois lier cette pages sous http://files.myopera.com/pfelelep/ et modifier le chemin dans le code en 'http://files.myopera.com/pfelelep/…../popup.htm", comme tu le fais pour tes images.Ensuite pour le fichier popup, tu peux le télécharger ci-dessous :http://dl.free.fr/ap5rJHsPNPréviens-moi quand tu l'as téléchargé, je désactiverai le lien ensuite.PM moi si tu as un souci 😉

  5. I_ArtMan

    that's so cool… i'll have to try my hand at that someday when i am not so busy. :up:

  6. auré

    ça fonctionne bien, c'est good !

  7. pfelelep

    @Liu: merci beaucoup!@Artman: live street sketches, faster than meet the eye!@Auré: c'est un peu du trondheim, on rajoute le texte après le dessin

  8. I_ArtMan

    i am a firm believer in working from what's real. many of my sketchbooks look a little stupid but that's what i was looking at. i have so many, now sort of useless… pages and pages of characters doing what i saw them do. someday i may publish them. too busy right now.

  9. pfelelep

    @artman: agree. I too have tons of sketchbooks ^^I used to have the "first-page-fear" as a student, still today, I tell myself to "mess" the first page, just to start.When you have the occasion, I'll be really curious and honored to see your diaries, if it could be named like that. :angel:

  10. I_ArtMan

    sure. you could certainly call them diaries. i had a period of five years on the venice boardwalk. every night i would sit at "mao's cafe" on pacific blvd. outside, with the kind waitresses managing to keep me alive with giant soup bowls tight under the gaze of the owner. three hours a night with nothing else to do but doctor my green tea with brandy and sketch the customers and sometimes my friends. i will comply to your wish very soon. :happy:

  11. I_ArtMan

    this notice made me read my promise… i forgot. will do. :happy: it's still a great occupation although it always makes me self-conscious.

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