une bonne fois pour toutes

Trouvé dans le dictionnaire français-chinois de l'argot, Ed: China Translation & Publishing Corporation

chinese definition of the word "Beauf'"


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14 responses to “une bonne fois pour toutes

  1. pfelelep

    Ça, c'est fait.

  2. pfelelep

    oh, sorry, it's the chinese translation of the french expression "brother-in-law" as it means "redneck".I always have a hard time, trying to explain it to my hongkong friends.difficult to translate, even in english,see also hereIHMO, the best example of a beauf' could be Homer Simpson.

  3. PainterWoman

    😆 And here I thought 'beauf' was French for 'beef'.

  4. Pif

    As in "Shia La Beouf", where apparently the french spelling evolved somewhere along the way?

  5. pfelelep

    Au fait monsieur pingouin, tu veux toujours ton fax? 😉

  6. noto1985

    Which E2C dictionary are you referring to? I haven't got any definition referred to this word except for wiki dict. Weird…:faint:

  7. pfelelep

    @noto1985: it's a " french-chinese-rude-language" dictionnary that I bought in beijing some time ago.

  8. noto1985

    A rude language dictionary? I've never heard of that before. ⊙﹏⊙

  9. pfelelep

    Dictionnaire français-chinois de l'argotEditor : Ed. des Traductions de Chine, Description : 429 pages; (20 x 14 cm) EAN13 : 9787500104254

    I'm sure you could find it in some Big Librairies in China, even if it's kinda peculiar 🙂

  10. noto1985

    Originally posted by pfelelep:

    I'm sure you could find it in some Big Librairies in China, even if it's kinda peculiar

    Oh, I find it! http://books.google.cn/books?id=8GqiNwAACAAJ&dq=9787500104254 it's not a 'rude' dictionary but a slang language dictionary :yes:

  11. lisatran

    hi,you can use google to translate this words,no proplem.i also very like chinese ,

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