Devant le ridicule d'un gouvernement qui s'entête à vouloir déconnecter du Net des familles entières sans preuves valables ni procès, je réponds à mon tour à l'appel de la Quadrature du net et je procède au «black-out» du blog.
HADOPI - Le Net en France : black-out


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19 responses to “BLACK-OUT

  1. LorenzoCelsi

    Some time ago there was a proposed law in Italy so everybody who had a Web site, including of course blogs in first place, should have register in a list as "publisher", same as the newspapers that need a "director" that is held responsible for the contents.

  2. Shaunak

    Its sad that some nuts do extra-legal stuff through the Internet and others have to suffer for it.

  3. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:

    To LorenzoCelsiAnd what happened then ?

  4. LorenzoCelsi

    Like it usually happen in Italy, the current situation is confused. I could be wrong but any site that can be compared to a newspaper (like a news portal about any subject) must have an official "director" like real newspapers (I guess he/she must be a registered journalist). Usually blogs are personal logs so they have got only one editor and they aren't updated regularly so they aren't currently affected. Of course the issue here is the blogs are not under control by the politics and the corporations. But people with some power can get the police to investigate and the judge to order the annoying blogs to be closed. It happened in some cases.

  5. anonymous

    Flora writes:it's also happening in HK in the name of censoring porns.

  6. LorenzoCelsi

    Censoring the Web does not require any special law, because there are already MANY laws that can be adapted. It goes for the "classical" situations, for example some betting/gambling UK sites have been "obscured" in Italy because they were not "authorized", that means they did not ask the permission in Italy and were not paying the italian "tax" over betting/gambling.Blogs and "news" websites in general are a different topic, more subtle. It is about freedom of speech versus the theorical need to hold somebody responsible for the published contents. In short, the Web makes possible the "citizen-journalist", giving anybody the ability to publish ideas to million other people without all those physical constraints and official authorizations, exams, diplomas, etc. of the "classical" press. Because, you know, "free" press NEVER existed in Italy, it has always been under control of the politics and/or the financial powers. Besides, italian authorities have requested the EU to enforce Skype to build some system to allow the "listening" of the encrypted phone calls via IP protocol, saying it could be used by mafia and terrorists.

  7. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:

    Thank you, Lorenzo.But does it mean that if someone wants to make a blog about the life in Milano, for instance, does he have to "register" somewhere ? Give his real name and address and phone number and stuff ?

  8. LorenzoCelsi

    So far blogs aren't affected, like I said, because they aren't made equal as periodical publications. Things can change in the future. Registration is not about your phone number, it is about extending the same regulations of the "classic" press to the Internet. Lets say it is some sort of "license" you must have to own a Web site and/or to publish stuff over the Internet.Besides, many things here depend on the physical limitations, even if the law theorically forbids, for example in Italy it is a crime to copy/share copyrighted stuff. But, since it would be difficult if not impossible to prosecute everybody doing that, they use to prosecuting only people who make a (big) business on it, reselling copied stuff.

  9. pfelelep

    /shut his mouth and listen to the conversation/

  10. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:Ok, thank you. 🙂

  11. I_ArtMan

    sounds o.k. anyway, lorenzo. if something is published internetally by an approved authority of any ccuntry it would have the 'weight' of official sanction. then all we would have to think was which country approved of the message.i don't mind that at all because it betrays the bias of the long as no-one ever censors my thoughts, i am satisfied that the internet is a true wave of the future. going back to greek principles: that each voice has a right to be heard whether in the minority or the quorum, new ideas will at least be heard. some people think about what they hear. it would speed up the collective consciousness of what is best for us all in the long run.

  12. I_ArtMan

    it only doesn't work because man is a lying animal obsessed with pleasure and the power which he imagines will provide that illusion.if men would wake up to the dream of the ego's sovereignity over his true being democracy would function superbly. it's not the voice of the majority of idiots which rule but the counsel of strongest reason which is supposed to overcome error in judgement.go back and read again with more attention. and for god's sake spend a couple of minutes pondering the true significance of great ideas. god, some people infuriate me.

  13. LorenzoCelsi

    The greeks, who invented "democracy" discovered right after that "democracy" does not work. "Democracy" means somebody gets the power not because he/she is the best leader in that time but distributing lies and favors to the (right) people, regardless the responsibilities and consequences.Democracies have the inner tendency to transform themselves in empire and dictatorship, like Athens built an empire over the greek cities before the peloponnesian war, the roman republic, the french revolution expressed the Napoleon's empire and socialism changed in comunism and fascism…

  14. LorenzoCelsi

    Well, your country is a "democracy" but it spends like the whole rest of the world together in the military. It is an empire not much different than the examples I made above. You say "democracy" works but I guess it depends on what side of the gun you are seeing.

  15. I_ArtMan

    if i say i am a dolphin does that make me a dolphin? this is a hierarchy of the nouveau riche. the united states is no more a democracy than china or russia or south africa. it is only the playground of cold and calculating power elite with iq's on a par with the smartest chimpanzees.same old problem… greed

  16. LorenzoCelsi

    I think you have a completely different perception of things when you have a gun pointed at you or when you are the one pointing the gun.I live in a country that was a costitutional monarchy (like England), then became a fascist dictatorship, then was carpet bombed and invaded by a democracy. Right now in 2009 my country is an "allied" of the said "democracy", meaning we are still under military occupation (like almost any "democracy" but US) and our leaders come to US with hats in their hands to ask permission for doing anything. We hold our breath every time there are elections in US and when US go at war (and it happens quite often) we as allied are asked to send some auxiliary troops, despite we think the said war is nonsense (like invading Iraq or the Balkans) or against our own interests (like arming Georgia against Russia, extending NATO to the ex-russian colonies and placing missiles in Poland). Knowing some of the roman history, I see several similarities between US foreign policy and the "pax romana" (roman peace) that was extended over the known world back then. I see also similarities between the roman inner politics and politics in US, with a symbolic senate and the real power in the hands of an "emperor" who is nominated by the military or picked among the "elite".

  17. I_ArtMan

    exactly right. and it's pretty mechanical. also very predictable. i am truly sorry and apologize for the occupation. if i were king i would drop all the empire building bullshit. it's always a deck of cards. history tells us that. it's a paranoid leadership that has to kill to feel safe. i just don't believe in it.

  18. LorenzoCelsi

    No need of apologies. I was listening to a political debate over the radio tonight and the anchorman said US plan to leave some troops in Iraq following the same model as Korea.I thought "yeah right, genius, like we aren't the same since 1944".To give you a well known and simple example, all the countries where there are american military bases must sign an agreement that says whatever crime the american troops do they can't be prosecuted by the law.Some years ago a A-6 from the Marines during a training flight over the italian mountains flew too low and cut the cable of a cableway killing more than 20 tourists. Once landed, the pilots destroyed the flight recorder data because they were violating the flight instructions given by the italian authorities on purpose.The case was ended with a military trial in the States, some payment to the families of the victims and I guess a disharge for the pilots.Of course people here can't help but wondering what would happen if an italian military plane flew over a tourist place in US in a cowboy show against the local regulation and killed 20 american people.And speaking of "democracy", it can give birth to the recent "weapons of mass destruction" propaganda to invade another country, the Tonkin gulf fake attack before Vietnam, or even to a whole country that believes the japanese were the evil in WWWII despite Japan was carpet bombed with incendiary bombs (japanese houses were made of wood) and even two atomic bombs, clearly aimed to exterminate as many civilians as possible. America was planning to attack cities and civilians, developing strategic bombers, 20 years before WWII, while neither Germany or Japan had (or used) that kind of planes.

  19. anamorphose

    Salut pfelelep, je me sens tout petit après ces reflexions sur la nature de l'homme et la démocratie de nos amis anglophones, je n'ai d'ailleurs pas fait entièrement l'effort de tout comprendre. Tout les internautes sont concernés par cette "loi". Je pourrais te narrer une anecdocte personnelle à ce sujet, sur une de mes amies irréprochable à tout point de vue et qui pourtant m'envoie des choses que la SACEM ne saurait tolérer. Quelqu'un en parle déjà mieux que moi sur son blog donc je te donne le lien : aussi sur l'accueil de ce même site, tu auras une surprise !

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