Space gamers

j'ai retrouvé ça (I found this):

Ca date de là (This belongs to this era):

Ben ça ne nous rajeunit pô (those were the dayz)


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17 responses to “Space gamers

  1. LorenzoCelsi

    You were already soooo advanced compared to my Pong: 🙂

  2. Shaunak

    Ah.. Classics…:)

  3. pfelelep

    24 années plus tôt, oserais-je avancer… :smurf:

  4. Pif

    Excellent. Les *deux* images.

  5. MrPingouin

    Tain mais tu sais que ça vaut de l'or sur ebay ça ? 🙂

  6. pfelelep

    @Lorenzo: don't worry, the new generation cannot stand 5-colours 8-bytes no online multiplayer games anyway.@Shaunak: they want to put US in museums, you know? :psmurf: @Pingouin: moi qui pensait l'enterrer dans un tupperware pour les générations du 4ème millénaire…?@Pif: et pourtant, entre une photo argentique jaunie et une cartouche de jeu de 1978, c'est pas avec ça qu'on va relancer la croissance.

  7. Pif

    Justement. Développement durab', mon cul.

  8. Liu

    Trop mignon le ptit Pfelelep 🙂

  9. galanga

    Dingue, le Pfelelep sourit de la même manière depuis sa naissance. :eyes:

  10. nawrasshalhoub

    Tu veux boire un café avec moi ? … s'il te plait ?…:D

  11. pfelelep

    @Pif: de toutes façons, ça fait 30 ans que les martiens essaient de nous faire la peau, sans succès.@Liu: ah ça, j'en ai brisé des coeurs à la maternelle…@Galanga: oh p'tain! Bien vu!@Nawras: Le café je m'en sers pour peindre désormais 😀

  12. Deke

    I've still got my original Space Invaders cart!Mind you I've also got a copy of the original arcade game on my computer (Somewhere) so the cart doesn't get much of an airing these days.I still play BBC 'B' Elite fairly regularly though…

  13. I_ArtMan

    i remember donkey kong and prince of persia, zelda. but i just watched my ten year old play them. :happy:

  14. pfelelep

    @deke: those "cards" is some kind of a relic :king:@artman: How do you feel "watching him"? Thinking "this generation cannot properly handle a joystick"? 😉

  15. I_ArtMan

    even watching made me nervous. once he said i made him 'die'. i tried to explain that he didn't die… lol just a bunch of pixels. that balderdash was incredible. as you went to the higher levels it got more and more difficult and finally impossible.

  16. pfelelep

    I did this to my parents too! Even my brother and I often argue this "this is all your fault!" thing :haha:Aren't you speaking about the "mine diamond hunting" BOULDERdash game? 💡

  17. I_ArtMan

    yeah, that's right. i remembered it as balderdash. but the screen shot and description is right. cool. :up:i remember teaching him to stay in this safe place and count, then come out and run for your life. amazing. then you pull the plug and collect all the diamonds which come clattering down.i liked the way the little guy moved in "prince of persia".

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