Mine is bigger than yours

so China won those Olympics :yes:

but CNN's website doesn't admit it this way:
Yeah, US are still on top of the world. 🙄

(note that the International Olympic committee (CIO) does not recognize any total classification by country, the tables of medals are proposed only for informative purpose.)

…so, indeed, you can tweak the number the way you like to make them prove want you want. Ca me rappelle d'ailleurs quelque chose…

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(des fois je suis vraiment un défenseur des vérités-qui-ne-sont-pas-bonnes-à-dire qui prend des risques, je m'étonne moi-même)


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14 responses to “Mine is bigger than yours

  1. LorenzoCelsi

    The Olympics are the most boring and meaningless TV show on earth.

  2. pfelelep

    oui, bon, le dessin est un peu facile, oui, je me suis pas trop cassé la tête sur ce coup-ci…

  3. beavidal

    😆 they always find a way to feel themselves in the top of the world… pathetic!

  4. sanshan

    Even if a Canadian wins…oh just wait until the winter Olympics, the U.S. will not highlight "Canada" but that it's a "North American" win. BTW…you cut out my country. (Right after Ethiopia) 😥

  5. Des An

    this true that China win the most medals in the Olympics,the Cnn could not accept this truth!

  6. Yorch

    I like the olympics, everybody (including myself) judge for all competitions even if we don't have a clue about it. Plus tv shows do everything to atract audience, in mexico all networks broadcast the games, so they have comedians, models, kids and more in the olympic shows.

  7. pfelelep

    @Lorenzo: obviously you diden't watch the Us/China basketball match-I mean, with Waiyim screaming for blood THAT WASEN'T BORING TO ME FOR SURE! :D@b_laudanum: dunno, but here is kinda hypocritical presentation of the results, to my opinion.@sanshan: my very fault :insane: (now corrected), "North American"? sounds funny, I am myself "a Far-West-Chinese" ^^@Des An: don't be fooled, french people like to grin too :devil: : "China send more athlete than France, we are more deserving", etc, etc.@Yorch: big worldwide event indeed. Now that is over, we can focuse on more "serious" stuff on TV, like… like, uh…

  8. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:C'est pas la première fois qu'ils font ça. En fait, ils ont l'habitude de toujours présenter le total des médailles au lieu des médailles d'or. Pas forcément parce que ça les avantage. C'est le seul pays où les média américains présente les résultats par total de médailles et non par médailles d'or.

  9. Aprilsnow

    😆 Here Americans found a way of teasing Europeans (Don't forget to read the comments). :DBy the way, Chinese media said 60% of Beijingers had a hard time on Monday because no more Olympic games.

  10. anonymous

    Axel writes:dans ton dessin, on dirais bien un chinois qui fait remonter le sportif americain en 1ere place du podium… est ce que c'est un traitre a la solde des americains ?

  11. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    I think Ireland has it right. We only won a silver and two bronze, but the athletes are national heroes.

  12. Shaunak

    42% of all stats are manupilated, and 63% are made up on the spot (like this one :P)@Mickeyjoe_irl,Same here,India won just one Gold and 2 bronze medals, but the winners became stuff of legends.@pfelelep: Love the new layout (header)and you modified podium. 😛

  13. pfelelep

    Actually, now it's Paralympics, Medias are not that much interested, unfortunately.But still, there's many amazing pictures! I have to found them again!:eyes:

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