chinese olympics

(UPDATE: US team won gold!)


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english translation:
rhaaaa, I fuck**ng can't believe it!
The chinese team's no match to the US team
When I was a little girl, we used to watch basketball on TV with my mom. We really enjoyed watching.
HAAA! POOKAÏ! ASSH**LE! He loose the ball! It's over!
Do you know what you look like while watching sport on TV?
What? Lies! You always sketching me so ugly! You're mean!


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15 responses to “chinese olympics

  1. pfelelep

    ..elle qui est toujours si calme et réfléchie…Après 2 ans et demi de mariage je découvre que ma moitié est une hooligan en herbe….et grossière avec ça! :insane:

  2. kirstycat

    😆 You have a very passionate wife 😉 I like her style!

  3. -Lacrima-

    Olympiad – So emotion.. 🙂

  4. I_ArtMan

    fantastique mon ami! je rire 😆

  5. pfelelep

    thanks to all 🙂 yes, olympics are indeed full of extreme emotions :yes:

  6. anonymous

    choi writes:

    Haha* I agree with ur wife.You're used to draw her so ugly*

  7. Aprilsnow

    Phillipe is nasty again?! Here is a secret the western media doesn't tell you: When Hongkong was under British rule, there was absolutely no democracy, if anyone dared to criticize the colonial government he/she would be deported immediately. :yes: The funny thing is when Hongkong was returned to China, the Hongkong people suddenly felt they are superior than the mainlanders who live in the old country called China notoriously known for no democrazy, so the Hongkongers went on to the streets and demonstrated as often as possible demanding for democrazy as if they had had it before not without the encouragement of the old colonial master called Britain. So, don't be surprised if you see our Hongkong brothers and sisters go crazy, let alone in Olympic time! Don't be nasty! 😉

  8. Mickeyjoe-Irl

    When I was a little girl, we used to watch basketball on TV with my mom.

    Did she use that kind of language? :faint::lol:

  9. pfelelep

    @choi: I DON'T!well, maybe… :pirate: @April: I'm not nasty, I'm just amused to see her this way, just like a enthousiast teenager! ^^(I supposed I look like the same when playing video games such as Mario Kart…)@Mick: actually we speak french together, this kind of language is my "oh-my-how-d'u-say-that" english tranlation in front of my computer.:p

  10. zhouye.ah

    Woo, terribly sketched the last one. 😀 But she will kiss you for the previous, so cute. :p



  12. nopanic

    Wonderful temperement she has :happy:

  13. Liu

    Sympa la petite image dans la télé….Je remarque aussi que Waiyim ne boit pas de bière devant la télé, ELLE… 😀

  14. pfelelep

    @zhouye.ah: I guess she got used to my "artist point of view"…@Nopanic: ooooooh yessss… yes, it's my work. ^^@Liu: elle me pique déjà mon fauteuil, si en plus elle me pique ma bière, où irait-on, je vous le demande?

  15. Liu

    Rhalala, mais où sont passées les vraies valeurs…? 🙂

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